Android Photo Recovery

  • Best android picture recovery software that is compatible with all android versions
  • Designed with robust scanning algorithm that can recognize all basic and advance file formats
  • Simple and user friendly interface that need no technical skills to operate and recover deleted photos from Android
  • Enables compatibility with all latest versions of Windows
  • Android Photo Recovery is capable to recover APK files along with other photos and image files



Android phones are most familiar operating system used on all smart phones. It’s an operating system developed specially for use on mobile phones having a touch screen response. They are built on a Linux kernel and it’s an open source code. Due to this developers can change the code and bring about changes and customize the OS. Hence, because of this convenience different phones have different GUI’s though they have the same operating system installed.

Android has gained its familiarity because it’s large built in applications and support for third party tools. The programs in android are written in java and run through Google’s Dalvik virtual machine. They consist of Android market from where a user can download a large number of applications that can be installed and used on your android smart phones. Android phones have sufficient internal memory but if they face lack of memory space secondary storage devices like memory card can be used. Sometime you lose photo stored on internal or external memory of your android phones during such instances go for Android Picture recovery software to retrieve photos from Android phone phones safely & all by yourself.

Eye catching features about Android photo recovery:

The Android Picture Recovery software is equipped with lot of effective features that helps you to restore photos from Android Smartphone. It supports most of the android versions that are used on different touch screen mobile. Apart from this there is more about this product that are mentioned below

  • Storage device support: Android is developed with a quite large internal memory. Hence for a person who is not crazy of downloading and using any other third party application this memory is quite sufficient to store his images and other files. But for a person who show a lot of interest on using other applications from the Android market as to look for an external memory. Therefore for this purpose the Android phones support memory cards to meet the additional needs. The Android Photo Recovery software can retrieve photos from Android phone's internal and external memory. An external memory cards can be Micro SD or any other category in memory cards click on this link to restore photos from Android phone SD card

  • Brands in Android Phones In the current market because of demand of Android phones many competitors are arising on a periodic basis. Each of the companies competes to produce Android phones with best memory management, support for third party tools, security features etc. Today you have many mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola etc. This tool supports android HTC recovery including the other brands mentioned above. If you are a user with HTC phones and lost any file click here to know the process of recovery. Apart from this it can retrieve photos from Android phones with any configuration

  • File Types: Android phones support quite a large number of file types. It can store images, documents, videos, animations like themes, wallpapers etc. While you create and store all such files on your Android phones you have chances of losing them due to the errors you commit. In each category of files it supports majority of the file extensions. One of the main file in Android is APK file without which you cannot install any application on your phones. If you lose such a file from your mobile then don’t panic! Android Photo Recovery tool also supports to recover deleted photos from Android phones and data of various other formats too.

  • File loss scenarios: The saved files on Android can be lost or deleted due to different scenario. The loss might occur due to any errors done by a human or software. Human errors are commonly highlights scenarios like accidental deletion, formatting etc. Software errors are quite large in number such as Virus infection, use of third party tool, corruptions in operating system etc. In order to restore photos from Android Smartphone, Android Photo recovery tool can act as a helping hand. Apart from pictures, it also enables you to recover APK files from Android mobile phones.

Useful tips to avoid data loss from Android smart phones:

  • Install a updated software to scan your memory card of Android phones.
  • Handle your phones memory card carefully when dispatching or connecting them to your cell phones
  • Avoid downloading files from the network as it may contain a virus

Recent Updates:

Recover Lost Photos from Android Phone: If you have lost Photo files form your Android Smart Phone, then dont get worried as here is the better solution i.e. by using this advanced software you can easily recover lost photos from Android Phone. For more info visit